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Grungy Paint Strip 2

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Molly Hawkins’ House is a unique kind of company.
It’s privately owned by people who are really motivated to help art teachers.


It was formed almost 30 years ago as a division of Children’s Education Corporation…a leading supplier of books to schools (the same charitable-oriented outfit that started the International BOOKBANK, sending 30+ million books free to children in English-speaking third world countries).


The same people who did all that took Molly Hawkins House out on its own more than 25 years ago, carrying with it the same service-oriented mind set. You’ll find a very DIFFERENT attitude from Molly Hawkins people! They’ll help you in ways no other company will.


And Molly runs a tight ship! Average discount is 53%!!!
Molly finds special closeouts for you…offers of 80%+ discounts!


You’ll find the lowest prices in the country on school products from Prang….Frederix….TruRay….and so many more…


…including EXCLUSIVE Paper and Paint products.


We’re Different.
Molly Hawkins’ House
The Company For Art Teachers!

Grungy Paint Strip 2
Watercolor Stain
Watercolor Brush 6
Watercolor Brush 6
Watercolor Brush 17
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